Strong Global Lender Network

Over the years, Blend has built a stable and growing network of lenders right around the globe. A network that expands across the Middle East, GCC, Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and USA. It’s been a case of planned and strategic growth, revolved around an uncompromising emphasis on nurturing strong relationships with existing vendors.

This powerful combination of expanding network and solid relationships enables us to acquire favourable terms from lenders and leverage the same for our clients – thus becoming the partner of choice for the entire spectrum of clients. As such, we are strategically placed to provide customised solutions to unique client challenges arising out of contemporary business environments.

Further, it empowers us to cater to cross-border projects, finance in different currencies including local currencies, and reduce risks by virtue of not being dependent on a single lender, currency or country. Needless to say, having a pool of lenders in a single location helps us offer our own clients the best and most competitive pricing terms.

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