Case Study 13

This facility is aimed to support & strengthen the private sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Blend Financial Services Limited acted as a sole advisor to the Regional Development Bank in Africa (“our Client”). The facility structured by our Alternate Capital Markets Team has helped strengthen “access to liquidity” to various companies, SME’s and smaller financial institutions in the region. This has enabled growth and expansion of activities, job creation and investments to address the challenges of the pandemic.

Blend’s Value Addition: -
  • Blend played a pivotal role by providing end to end advisory in this transaction right from structuring the facility; eliciting interest from the right funding partners; negotiation and facilitating in the approval & disbursement process.
  • Onboarding a strong Financial Partner to support our client funding needs in a region where there is a scarcity of appropriate financing especially during Covid-19.
  • Structuring a committed unsecured funding line for a 7-year tenor at competitive pricing.
About our Alternate Capital Markets Team: -

Our Alternate Capital Markets Team specializes in providing comprehensive fund-raising solutions for Financial Institutions & Sovereigns across emerging markets.

We cater to a spectrum of Financial Institutions such as developmental institutions, commercial banks, microfinance companies, equipment finance and leasing companies etc. for their short to long term funding requirements.

We are committed to providing the best possible funding solutions for our clients by generating capacities from a mix of our global distribution network of over 220+; origination & structuring capabilities and a strong knowledge base built over a successful track record of 24 years.

Blend is currently executing $ 2Bn+ mandates for over 40 Financial Institutions across Africa & Asia.

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