Global Financial Solutions Company

The world of corporate finance keeps evolving. Corporate and business entities across the world face increasingly complex financial structuring problems, and we believe that organisations need a strong partner to guide and support their endeavours, to stay ahead of the curve.

Blend Financial Services is one of the leading integrated financial service providers worldwide. Since 1997, we have been tirelessly providing Corporates, Financial Institutions and Sovereigns with the best financial strategies to support their projects across the world and especially in economically challenged countries - augmenting job creation and sustainable economic growth, while simultaneously helping our clients further their own goals.

A culture of responsibility, accountability, and innovation ensures unique and effective results for our clients in different parts of the world. Our diverse operational geography gives us the advantage of blending various local insights into favorable solutions that can be implemented across geographies.

Blend has grown to be an International Financial Consulting Firm and a trusted brand name, as we provide the whole gamut of financial services, with our involvement starting right from ideation and extending up to successful financial closure.

With our dedicated teams based in India, UAE, Kenya, Singapore, and the USA, our reach is geographically spread across Africa, Europe, India, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Our vast experience and international presence has enabled us to partner with A-rated Insurance Players and Financial Institutions, to deliver competitive global financing solutions to clients.

At Blend Financial Services, we believe that business without a conscience is a mere transaction. Our involvement goes beyond merely arranging finance. We help deliver potent financial outcomes. Our solutions strengthen our clients’ capabilities towards fostering sustainable economic growth that promotes job creation, women empowerment, access to sustainable energy, poverty alleviation, creating resilient infrastructure and promoting the well-being of all.

Our professional team works towards creating new, uncharted financial experiences, guided by three simple yet meaningful pillars: Values, Passion, and Results. We are proud that our financing solutions span across sectors as varied as Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Logistics.

Our history of 25 successful years influences our future. We at Blend, continue to provide end-to-end financial advisory to our clients that lead to positive outcomes. Our advisory facilitates business and social growth, creating a sustainable environment for all. Our brand name is associated with delivering innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs, making them knowledge partners and assuring transparency in all our services. Blend’s services extend to providing solutions that align with the goals of DFIs, Impact Funds, Pension Funds, Investors, Alternate Financiers, Financial Institutions, Banks, Conglomerates, and Governments, having generated business of USD 15 Billion worldwide.

As a Global Financial Solutions Company, our team of over 120 professionals, uses their experience and expertise to structure financing solutions for organisations that provide a better tomorrow for millions of people across the world. We help our clients navigate the rapidly changing shifts in the industry and give them holistic financial consultancy services that help them not just to survive but to thrive. Good financial leadership is the foundation of a better world and hence our services are geared to helping global entities invest in future generations, fostering collaboration to build a sustainable world.

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