Case Study 17

An Indian NBFC serving in the MSME sector, needed to urgently raise funds to provide liquidity to micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs that faced the risk of folding up during the pandemic. The MFI which operated in 6 states was the light in the tunnel for SMEs in remote rural areas that were hitting a dead end on their path to recovery. Through our network of lenders, we facilitated a $10 Mn ECB for a 4 year tenor at attractive interest rates. This enabled the MFI to expand their debt portfolio, offering loans via a customised approach and without the need for collateral.

Blend was the sole advisor throughout the fundraising process. We worked closely with the fund and the MFI, to structure the apt solution and attain financial closure of the facility, in a short turnaround time despite the pandemic challenges. We are happy that our efforts augmented the goal of inclusive recovery and sustainable development and maximised the financial well-being of the customers and the client.

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