Case Study 21

A West African Government, in a bid to enhance the country’s education infrastructure, tied up with a Consortium of Global EPCs specialising in construction, in domains pivotal to rapid societal growth. The EPC extended mandate to Blend, for raising funding of Euro 175+ Million, for the Ministry of Education’s ambitious infrastructure project, that would lead to enhancement of youth employability, increased job opportunities and would enrich livelihood.

Blend networked with its Banking and Insurance partners, to craft a competitive Long Term Debt facility with tenure of close to 13 years, backed by a bespoke Buyer’s Credit Insurance Cover from a European State-owned Insurance Agency. Our Export and Structured Finance team’s expertise facilitated 100% funding for the Sovereign’s project; arranged credit enhancement and financing via a specialised structuring solution; and accelerated credit approvals in record turnaround time.

Blend resolutely leverages its competency in advising and structuring integrated financial deals for Sovereigns, Financial Institutions, and Corporates, with current mandates of over USD 15 Billion.

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