Case Study 24

An award winning Kenyan Microfinance Institution, on a mission to empower businesses and livelihoods to propel the country’s development, sought KSH 250 Million to fortify its Micro Lending, SME, and Agricultural portfolios. The Microfinance sector was braving challenging times, recuperating from the economic impact of the pandemic in a fragile economy. The Kenyan Microfinance Institution – a lifeline for rural Kenya, solicited Blend’s expertise, to deliver a strong and innovative financing strategy to support their existing and new customers.

Undeterred, Blend’s ACM team leveraged its global funding network, bringing on board an International Financier whose strategy and mandate was aligned to the Kenyan Microfinance Institution. In record time, Blend crafted, negotiated and structured a competitive 4 year Senior Unsecured Loan. Together Blend and the Fund’s endeavours supported the Microfinance Institution in its efforts to diversify and grow its debt portfolio, in line with UN SDG goals, adding thrust to vital sectors like Agriculture, SMEs, Green Financing, and Sustainable Development.

25 years of experience and expertise coupled with our deep rooted understanding and structuring proficiency has helped us to cater to the highly under-served Microfinance sector in all emerging markets across Africa and Asia. Our FI team’s vast understanding and robust network of funding partners help us serve the Microfinance and SME-lending Financial Institutions across these markets – our current mandates being USD 4 Billion for 64 FIs across emerging markets.

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